Don’t understand where to find the Google Sheets Row ID

  • 9 December 2021
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I have read multiple historical posts on this issue, but I still don’t get it…

What I’m trying to do: When a new event happens in Stripe, update/create a row in Google Sheets.

It, of course, is asking me to map a “row ID,” but no documentation explains:

  • Is it looking for a field literally called Row ID? Or is it simply referring to a reference or function of what field I choose to be the Row ID?
  • Does it want the row ID that my Google Sheet has automatically created?
  • Does it want some ID field that Stripe is creating to be imported into Google Sheet?
  • Does this row ID info “talk” from Google Sheet to Stripe or from Stripe to Google Sheet?

And, I seem to be caught up in a loop. My Zap includes:

  1. Trigger: New Event in Stripe
  2. Action: Find or Create Row in Google Sheets
  3. Action: Update Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets

But, every time I try to complete Action: Update spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets, it always loops back to making me create a NEW action to look up the row in Google Sheets so I ended up with:

  1. Trigger: New Event in Stripe
  2. Action: Find or Create Row in Google Sheets
  3. Action: Find or Create Row in Google Sheets
  4. Action: Find or Create Row in Google Sheets
  5. Action: Update Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets (THAT WON’T WORK)

I can’t get my Zap to work and it all hinges on I just don’t understand what I’m supposed to be doing with Row ID.

Thank you for any help!

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3 replies

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Hi @fluittsolutions 

You need to map the row ID number from the Find/Create Row to the Update Row step using the ‘Custom’ option.

Help articles:

I’m now seeing in the google sheets fields in the dropdown, “ID: 4.” The test data that is being returned is on Row 4 of the google sheet.

I work with unique row identifiers daily in multiple modules of various databases which are long random strings of characters and have to be mapped correctly.

Please, oh, please, @Troy Tessalone, are you saying it is that simple that the Row ID my Zap is looking for is the momentarily chronological row number?

If it is that simple, why can’t the Zapier documentation say, “When your Zap runs it will find the chronological row number of your data and communicate that row number back to your source software thereby creating a relative Row ID for the purpose of this action.”

I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to map the auto-created unique identifier strings between Stripe and Google Sheets because it was asking for the “Row ID” and what that vocabulary means to me.

On the edge of my seat waiting for your reply...

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The GSheets Lookup Row step returns 2 values that can be used, both will have the same value.

  • Row
  • ID



Taken from the help article:

  • Select Lookup Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets, then select the ID field.


You can submit feedback and feature requests via a ticket to Zapier Support to be logged: