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Does Zapier uses Wordpress's XML-RPC api?

  • 10 March 2023
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Because of multiple issues with brute force attacks on my WP websites, targeting the XML-RPC login, I want to block the abillity to login via the XML-RPC api. But now my question is: I have a Zap running (Woocommerce > Filter >Send an email) and I am not sure if Zapier uses the XML-RPC API to perform this taks.

Any thoughts?




Best answer by dhon_b 15 March 2023, 04:14

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Hi @Mattieman 

Good question.

Might be best to open a ticket with Zapier Support to get official feedback about the WordPress Zap app integration.

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Hi @Mattieman !

I see that you were able to follow Troy’s suggestion to open a ticket. I also see that one of our Support Specialists sent you a response.

Zapier provides integration with WooCommerce, but the technology used to connect to WooCommerce is not XML-RPC API.
Zapier uses WooCommerce's REST API to connect to the platform. WooCommerce has deprecated the XML-RPC API and recommends using the REST API instead. The REST API is a more modern and flexible way to connect to WooCommerce, allowing for more efficient and secure data transfer.

Can you kindly confirm if this helped you with your concern? We’ll be waiting for your response!

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Yes, this answers my question. Thanks!