Does RSS feed track already processed items?

  • 18 April 2023
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I couldn’t find any info on how (or if) the RSS Feed trigger tracks already processed items.

## Use Case

Given that most RSS feeds are additive, I only want to process new items that have been added since the last fetch of the feed.

First Fetch

  • Title C
  • Title B
  • Title A

I’m assuming all items will be exposed for processing (a Google Sheet, Digest, etc)

Now on a second fetch:

  • Title E
  • Title D
  • Title C
  • Title B
  • Title A

My question is, will A-E be moved along for processing or only D, E, when the feed is fetched 15min later?

Also, is my assumption that each individual item will be processed for something like Google Sheets or do I have to use Loops?


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1 reply

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Hey @ShawnO, great question!

The triggers for the RSS by Zapier app are polling triggers, so they keep a record of each item’s unique ID. This allows them to check any if there’s any new items by comparing the ID against the list of IDs it’s already found. If it finds an ID that it hasn’t found before then it will trigger on it. 

So if items D and E aren’t found by the Zap until it checks again at the next 15 min interval, there will be a slight delay in those items triggering the Zap but they will be processed individually. And as each item would be triggered on individually there shouldn’t be a need for Looping by Zapier to be added to the Zap.

Hope that helps to clarify things! 🙂