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DocuSign and Smartsheets

  • 30 July 2020
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Full confession: I am brand new to docusign administration, smartsheets, and zapier-but I am learning fast.  I am trying to automate the document flow for my new hires.  The idea is that when a new candidate row is added on smartsheets, zapier will trigger docusign to send the background consent form to the candidate email.  I have created the form in DocuSign and when I tested it straight from DocuSign it worked perfect.  The Zap worked in that when I added a new row I did get the docusign, but all of the fields that I had previously set up were gone.  I think it has something to do with assigning the role of “Needs to Sign” on the docusign form.  Is there a way to do that through the Zap? Thanks for the feedback!


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Hi @ConnieB ,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome!

First off, great job setting this Zap up! We may need a bit more information to identify the issue- when you say the fields that you had previously set up were gone, do you mean fields you had added within your original DocuSign form? 

I ask as the DocuSign integration does not currently support custom fields or “place holders” in fields (ie “Fill this part out”). If that is the issue, we have an open feature request for this functionality that I’m happy to add you to!

If that doesn’t seem to be the culprit or I am misunderstanding, Support may need to take a look at your specific Zap configuration + Google Sheet to troubleshoot! You can reach them here and they will be in touch to get you squared away!

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Thanks Liz, that is exactly the issue. We have historically had the candidates complete the paperwork by hand and we were having a lot of problems with legibility and accuracy so we are adopting DocuSign for cleaner copies.  The custom fields were what wasn’t showing up.  Feel free to add me to the request!  I would love to automate this process.

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Hi @ConnieB! I’ve added you to the feature request to add support for custom fields with the DocuSign. That helps the team to track the number of interested users and also means that we’ll send you an email if we have an update. Thanks!

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Custom fields are now supported on Zapier's Docusign "Create Signature Request" action. 

As a reminder, the Docusign field types you can use in your Zaps are: text, checkbox, list, and radio group tabs. If the field is marked in Docusign as "read only" or "restrict changes", then the document will be created with the value you send in the Zap, but the signer won't be able to change the value.