Discord message isn’t posted when Google Sheets cell is updated

  • 9 January 2022
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I made a Google Spreadsheet and connected to my Discord server.
It has to refres the date fro a cell every day (the date will refresh automaticly in the Google Spreadsheet).

Evenn trigger: New or Updated Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets

Event: Send Channel Message in Discord 


Trigger Column: A

id: 2

row: 2


So in my spreadsheet A2 is the date I want to update every day and it will send a message to the channel. It works until I close the tab that this Zap is in. After that everything went wrong and wasn’t able to get the right data. Not to mention that is in not too instant, took 3-5 mins to update, but for me it is not a big problem. 

Other strange thing for me if I press Load more in the Test Trigger I can find Spreadsheet Row A-E now but have only one row. How can i delete these? They have previous dates but for testing I needed to change them.

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1 reply

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Welcome to the Community, @Dav111

When you say it stopped working when you closed the tab the Zap was in, are you saying that while you were manually pulling in new test data from the Google Sheet and testing your Zap it was working, but when you switched the Zap on and let it run it didn’t work as expected? 

It sounds like you might be wanting to update a single cell in the spreadsheet (Column A, Row 2) everyday and only have updates to that particular cell trigger the Zap. But the way that the New or Updated Spreadsheet Row trigger works is that it will trigger for any new row or change to existing rows. So if you’re adding/updating information to other rows of the spreadsheet, these will also trigger the Zap.

To get around this, you could potentially add a Filter to your Zap to check that the row that triggers the Zap is always row 2. This would mean that a message is only posted in Discord when row 2 is updated. 

It’s normal for previously loaded test samples to remain in the Zap Editor. It’s not possible to delete these samples but if you load in newer samples they will start to be replaced by the newer samples - Change the test data in your Zap trigger

Hopefully the suggestion above is helpful. :)