Different Stripe payments showing different fields

  • 12 December 2021
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I want to set up a zap where all payments/donations via Stripe get recorded in AirTable.

But when I set up the trigger, I am given the option of using Stripe Payment A, Payment B, or Payment C as the input. Each of these are slightly different, and as far as I can tell, one-time donations versus recurring invoices land in different Payment buckets across A, B, & C. It seems like amount is consistent across all three, but customer name is not for example, so I get rows with date, amount, but no customer name, while some payments do have customer name show up in AirTable.

Is anyone familiar with this, and do I need to do some kind of path logic to capture charges across A, B, and C, or three separate zaps?

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4 replies

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Hi @imJamesdoe 

If there are different data points returned for different transaction types, then you may need to use separate Zaps with a Filter as step 2 in order to properly map the data points between steps.


I’m relatively new to Zapier, do all/many Zapier triggers offer you the choice of test data A, B, or C?

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Help article about changing the trigger test data for a Zap app:

Ah thanks very much