Delete User all from Streak Box?

  • 13 March 2023
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Hello all, 

is it possible to delete all assigned people from a streakbox via Zapier? 
I can't find a solution for this case....

Thanks in advance

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3 replies

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Hi @Rob_ReIn 

Good question.

When creating a new Box...


When editing a Box…


Okay, that means it is not possible to delete assigned teammates from the pit when a stage is changed.

My problem is that in another upstream stage people edit the Streak Box and often forget to take themselves off the box before the stage change. 

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Hey @Rob_ReIn,

For full transparency, delete-type actions are generally discouraged for apps on the Zapier platform. The reason for this is to prevent any accidental deletions from occurring en masse. From time to time, that can occur with create-type actions. However, it's less of a problem to have extra information than to lose information. This approach helps protect everyone's data and avoids data loss!

Looking specifically at this case, this app doesn't have a delete action like that available. I'm also not aware of a workaround. For the reasons mentioned, above, I'm also hesitant to suggest any workaround.

However, if this is critical for you, there's some hope! You can always reach out to a Zapier Expert. Zapier Experts are certified professionals who can dig in more deeply with your needs. If you decide to work with one of them, they might be able to build in some extra safeguards to prevent the potential issues I mentioned. You can learn more about Zapier Experts, here:

Hopefully, this helps! 😊