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  • 23 February 2022
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Hi - How do I connect Zapier into a delegate inbox on Gmail? When I start to create a new Zap I load my Gmail Account. I’m then present with the box “Inbox and All Labels” which has my main Gmail Account but not the delegate one. Any ideas?

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6 replies

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Try using the New Email Matching Search trigger instead and building a search to match the emails you want Zapier to trigger on

Sadly didn’t work.

The basic premise is that we have an IT routine that sends an email into a delegate inbox on Gmail that is always sent from a specific mailbox and always has a specific subject line. I wanted to trigger a task on Asana when this happens.

When I’ve tried the email matching search trigger and include either the sender or the subject line and test the zap it doesn’t recognise either. However, when I send the email from the delegate inbox to my main inbox I can successfully use the search screen to trigger the zap as it recognises it in my main inbox.


Hope that makes some sense. Basically think I need to connect to the delegate email inbox in some way rather than my Gmail account.



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Hi @Kelvin 

Try authenticating the other email account in Zapier here:

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Yep. Sounds like you will need to authenticate the other account. 

Another possible solution could be to use Gmail Filters/Forwarding rules to automatically forward the email to Zapier (if authenticating the other account is an issue with the IT team for some reason)

I’m about to jump on a call with out IT team!! How would I forward the email to Zapier? I want to use Zapier to trigger some things like creating an Asana task as we use that for workflow.

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Hi @Kelvin 

you can follow the steps here to set up gmail filters & forwarding: 

You can get Zapier email addresses using the Parser by Zapier trigger or Email by Zapier