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Date problem between Zapier and Salesforce (1 day difference)

  • 20 September 2022
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We just created a new Zap to replace several other Zaps.

The trigger is a form submission (Typeform)
We then have Path Rules to differentiate 2 possibilities.

In each branch we have:
Send message on Slack -> OK
Send new Lead to Salesforce -> KO
Sending a Gmail email -> OK
A second sending of Gmail mail -> OK

Here is the problem with Salesforce:
We create a new Lead, and we have a date field
Zapier seems to be sending the correct date: 12/10/2022
But Salesforce saves the date with 1 day before: 11/10/2022

Checks already made:
- Zapier and Salesforce are both in the same time zone (GMT+2 - Paris) -> OK
- The Salesforce field is a Date field and Typeform sends a Date field -> OK
- We tried changing the date format before sending and it didn't change anything.

The Zap that was removed was using Salesforce (Legacy), but I can't use it in new Zap anymore, we don't know why.

2 questions then arise:
1 - How to ensure that the correct date is used by Salesforce?
2 - Why is Salesforce (Legacy) no longer accessible?

Thank you in advance for your help
(Sorry we use Google Traduction)


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Hey there, @MeetMyMama! Thanks for reaching out in the Community and outlining the steps you’ve taken thus far!

Hmm. Do you mind if I ask which action you’re using in Salesforce? Also apologies is this sounds obvious but if you haven’t already, it might be worth running through a few of the steps referenced here:

Regarding the Legacy version of Salesforce no longer being available, totally valid question! Oftentimes when a newer version of an app is offered, the legacy app is no longer supported. This is fairly common, as maintaining two versions of the same app is quite labor intensive and can result in duplicate efforts. You can also read up a bit more on that here:

Definitely keep us posted on the action you’re using with Salesforce, super interested to dig into this with you! 

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it could be a user configuration please in salesforce go to:

after your base URL//lightning/settings/personal/LanguageAndTimeZone/home


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Hi @MeetMyMama!

From what you’ve described, I’m sure that this is a timezone issue. If the Zap is sending a date as Midnight on the 12th of a month and Salesforce changes the timezone to a US timezone, then it will change the date to the 11th. 

Were you able to take a look at your user settings in Salesforce as @rafaelsanchezrd suggested? These might be different from the overall Salesforce settings. 

it could be a user configuration please in salesforce go to:

after your base URL//lightning/settings/personal/LanguageAndTimeZone/home


If you have and they are correct, then you’ll need to contact the Support Team (using the Get Help form) as they can look at the logs for the Zap to see where there’s an issue (where in the Zap is the timezone changed). 


I hope that helps, let us know how you get on!