Data from Shopify no longer being added to Facebook Offline Event Set

  • 31 August 2021
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Hi everyone, I hope this is the correct place to pose this question, and I am generally new to Zapier and its community so any/all help will be greatly appreciated!

For some background, I used a Zap template from a YouTube video which functions to send Purchase conversion event data from Shopify to Facebook on an Offline Conversion Event data set. Everything was working perfectly prior to Saturday; all my Zaps were running successfully but all of a sudden on Saturday, I noticed that much of my data, that normally gets sent through Zapier, was MISSING on Facebook.

Whereas prior to Saturday, I was getting 100% of my recorded purchase events on Shopify to be sent properly through Zapier to Facebook, I am now only getting roughly 1-5 purchase events to send and populate on Facebook. I actually went on vacation this weekend, so I kid you not when I say I did not touch ANYTHING on Zapier, Shopify, OR Facebook, when everything all of a sudden stopped working. 

As I’ve said, my Zaps are working perfectly, and trying to replay them does nothing because they’ve already run successfully. Does anyone know what might be causing the data collected from my Zaps to not show up on Facebook? If my Zaps are running successfully, and I have not altered any setting since I set them up 2 months ago initially, is this almost certainly an issue with Facebook?

Again, thank you for any and all help provided. I feel very much lost in the dark, and my business depends on Zapier’s data to run functionally. Thank you! 

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4 replies

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Welcome to the Community @avcanthony! :)

I’m so sorry your Zap suddenly stopped working over the weekend. It’s certainly very odd that this happened, especially as no changes had been made to the Zap.

I can see that you’ve also reached out to our Support team and they had some follow-up questions for you. We’re not able to see the logs for your Zap from here so I’d recommend taking a look for the their response and continuing the conversation with them there. They can dig into the detailed logs and setup of your Zap so will be better able to identify why those conversions stopped being sent over to Facebook and help fix this! 

Yes my offline events stopped attributing from Sept 1 onwards. It worked fine up until Aug 31. I thought performance was crumbling but I had simply lost visibility to my offline events. I have noticed this across multiple accounts. One account was Shopify to FB. The other was Webflow to FB. Both e-commerce stores. 

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Hey @Rand al’Thor

I’m really sorry you’re also running into issues with offline events that are no longer being added to Facebook. It’s most strange that it’s only just started happening. 

I’d recommend contacting our Support Team about this. They’ll better able to investigate the Zaps on your account and help to resolve this!

We’re seeing the same issue and push offline events directly through the Facebook API. This appears to be a Facebook issue.