Daily updates in Excel to find and update items in Webflow

  • 19 May 2021
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Hi Everyone

I wanted to confirm that what I am trying to is possible, and also find out if there is an easier integration than the one I’m planning. 

I want to recreate the 3 tables and graph on this page ( in Webflow. 

The data comes from 4 Excel csv docs which are hosted publicly - new docs are created daily with the date in the URL. And so I would like, somehow, that relevant fields in the Excel docs get mapped to, and update, live items in the Webflow CMS. In Webflow I can then create tables that update daily and use Chart.js to create the graphs.

Is this possible using Zapier? Perhaps the best way would be to somehow get a Google Sheet updated daily with new data and then integrate this with the Webflow CMS..

Can anybody help me figure out how I can do this?

Many thanks!

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2 replies

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Hey @P111x,

Perhaps you could email a copy of the CSV files to yourself and use an email app for the trigger step, like Gmail’s New Attachment trigger. Then use a Formatter (Utilities > Import CSV File) step to extract the contents of the CSV file and pass that over to a Google Sheet using a Create Spreadsheet Row(s) action. 

That would get the CSV information added into individual rows of a single spreadsheet. Then you can set up a second Zap that triggers whenever a New Spreadsheet Row is added in Google Sheets and use the Create Item Webflow action to add it into Webflow. 

If you’ve not worked with Formatter before, we’ve got a guide on how to use Formatter to import a CSV file here: Import CSV files into Zaps

I hope that helps get you pointed in the right direction!

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Hi Sam. Thanks for your reply. 

I wondered about this first step. The emailing. Is this something I can automate? The thing is, new CSV files are created every day, and the URL of the new files have the date in. Could you explain to me how I could use email automatically to get these? Or is there a way to schedule an import of an Excel CSV daily from a URL that has the present day’s date in it.

I agree that getting the info I need into Google Sheets first sounds like a good way to go. Do you think I could overwrite the fields of a Google Sheet with new CSV data every day? Mapping the columns of a Google Sheet to update or create Webflow Live Items has been shown to work ( tho there’s a thing about getting the Webflow CMS item IDs - as covered and worked around nicely in this video )

I have so many doubts about the possibility of doing this - could you say something to give me some hope...  There must be a way, surely?