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Daily CSV export of form submissions

  • 17 October 2022
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I have a Webflow site, with a form. Customers fill out the form to request brochures, and those requests come through (individually) via email.


However, I would like the requests to come through each day as a CSV file, containing all the form submissions in the previous 24 hours.


Is this possible with Zapier? If so, what would be the best way to achieve this.


Many thanks ~ G


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5 replies

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Hi @gkt 

Good question.

You’d need 2 Zaps.

1 Zap to create a new GSheet each day by copying a existing GSheet template.

1 Zap to find today’s GSheet, and then add a row to the GSheet.

Give that a try and let us know.

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Hey @gkt, were you able to try out Troy’s recommendations above? 

If you’re looking to get started or want more information on this, it does look like it’s possible to set up a Zap using Webflow. You can see more here, and scroll down to Triggers & Actions. There is a trigger for form submissions. 

You can get a CSV pretty easy, you just need to decide which platform you’d like to use. Ex: Google Sheets, Excel, Airtable, etc. 

Airtable however, is the only option while on the free plan that will allow you to set a filter to only view form submissions that were created in the last 24 hours.

From there, you could set up another Zap with schedule as the trigger, to which you could schedule everyday, to send you a link to the Airtable, which will always be filtered for submissions of the last 24 hours. 

That’s just one way, of course there are other options. 😆

Thanks both. I’ve create an Airtable account and have it hooked up to populate the form with a record each time the form is submitted on the Webflow site. That all seems to be working well.


I’m struggling with the next bit.


I was thinking of setting up a CSV export that gets emailed to me every 24 hours, containing only the records from the past 24 hours (i.e. since the previous CSV export).


I can use the private view function in Airtable, but this would contain all records. I could filter by the last 24 hours, but if I miss a day then I would miss those records submitted within that 24 hour period.


Hope that makes sense. Be good to hear your thoughts on this.

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@gkt I’m not sure I’m following, can you please elaborate? Is there a manual aspect of the records being uploaded to Airtable?

No problem Chanelle. I no longer need the CSV export, so it’s all working for me. Thanks again.