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Creating WordPress Post from Twitter Images

  • 13 April 2020
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Hello all! 

So what I am trying to accomplish is monitoring my Twitter account for new likes & if those likes include an image, it will pull the first image of the tweet and create a WordPress post with that image.

I have had success building the zap, mostly. However I am getting an error from some tasks on the WordPress post creation step concerning “Fault (code 404) occurred. Message: Invalid attachment ID.”

One thing I have noticed, I’m using the Twitter screen name as the post title and the tasks that are returning an error have screen names with underscores in them. Would this be causing the error? (*UPDATE* Had an error from a name without underscores too now.)

Thanks for any help & time!

(bonus points if anyone knows how I can pull more than one image from Twitter posts)



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4 replies

Inlcuding additional WP Post setup info. See image.


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Hi @kshook 

You can’t add the URL directly into “Featured Media” - rather you need to add an “Upload Media” step.

One of the output fields from that step will be “ID”.

You should then set the “Featured Media” field to “Custom” and map this ID. 

Let us know if you have any issues with that.


Thank you very much! Extremely helpful!

Do you know if there is a time limit between monitoring Twitter likes?

It seems as if I will like(♥)  3-4 different Twitter posts in maybe a 5 minute period and it will only carry out a Zap for one of them.

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Hi @kshook! The Zap should trigger for each like, though there may be a bit of a delay. If you check your task history, can you see each of the tweets that you liked there?