Creating custom payment logic with Zapier

I’m trying to build my app with a no-code solution, but there is a need for custom payment logic and I’m having trouble finding a way to make this work. I want to be able to store a users credit card and only charge it if they did not complete a specific number of actions within a specific period of time. 

Any ideas on how I can trigger a payment through stripe or square or any other processor only when criteria is met?

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Hi there @mmaccou ,


You would need to be a bit more specific with the “specific” word ;) The more details the better we can help you.
ut I think I understand the question here. You want to trigger a payment once someone meets criteria, however to my understanding none of the payment gateways allow you to send a payment unless you create your own code using API. Maybe somebody else got more information on this however. 



Hi @ForYourIT. Yes you have it right. An example could be, “Charge the customer if they do not make 3 reservations over a period of 6 months.” I know Stripe lets you setup a “trial period” where the customers card won’t be charged until after the period is done (6 months in this example), but I cant find a way to only trigger a payment with that added layer of logic (number of reservations). I’m hoping there is some Zapier combination that could help me achieve this.

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Hi @mmaccou 

Just checking in to see if you got this sorted out?