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Creating an Asana task in addition to 10 subtasks

  • 15 January 2021
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I have a zap set up where an Asana task is created when a specific column is updated on Google Sheets. Is there a way to have 10 subtasks automatically attached to the main Asana task that gets created? 


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 16 January 2021, 03:53

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Hey @markinhifi,

can you specify this in more detail? I think it should be possible and an option might also to use the Asana internal automations (see here). Maybe clarify if the subtask depend on something or on which basis you want to create the subtasks and if they are also in Gsheets.

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@Ennes Sure, I can clarify. I have a sheet set up with columns to create an Asana task.

Project Name, Author, Script, Checkbox.

The project name becomes the project name, and author and script get placed into the “notes” field. The “checkbox” being activated is what then creates the task.

Now, all my projects that I usually create all have identical subtasks associated with them. I was wondering with Zapier if there was a way to, when the task is being created, to automatically populate the task with ~10 named subtasks.

When I make these manually (without Zapier), I basically have a “template task” in Asana that has the subtasks contained within it, and then I just duplicate the task and re-name it.

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@markinhifi If you’re willing to get more technical you can use a Webhook step to leverage the Asana API to duplicate a template Task which can be set to also include the Subtasks.

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@Troy Tessalone Definitely not smart enough for that :joy: Is that my only option here?

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@markinhifi Not your only option, but the most efficient option Task wise with your Zap.

Alternative, is to create a Zap that has 10 steps to do the following: Asana Create Subtask


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@Troy Tessalone I think my problem with this option is here...

I can’t choose a parent task because this very zap has not yet created the parent task. Sorry, I’m very new at this so I apologize if I’m missing something obvious.

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You can dynamically map a data point from a previous step, by choosing the “Custom” option in the Parent Task dropdown menu.

Make sure to reference the help text underneath the field for guidance.

Check these help articles:

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@Troy Tessalone Ah! Yes! That’s exactly it. Thank you so much for your help and patience.