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Creating a Zap to keep track of contact info

  • 12 November 2020
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Hi! I’m trying to use Zapier to create an integration that will take entries from a Google Forms survey and 1) add new entries; 2) update existing entries (e.g. email or phone # contact) in Google Sheets.

Basically trying to use Google Sheets to store member info, and want the contact portions to get auto-updated so I don’t have to manually change pre-existing fields. 



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4 replies

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FYI: GForms can be linked to a GSheet to auto add new entries.

GSheets available actions via Zapier:

Thanks, Troy! Wondering how I can then auto-update existing entries though. (i.e. can it be set up to reference existing data columns and check for inconsistencies, then update the specific fields with the new info?) 

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Hey there,

Just to summarise the thread here. 

You can use Google Forms which can be linked to a Google Sheet to auto add new entries.

The list of available actions via Zapier:

In order to  auto-update existing entries, you can first perform a Lookup of the record in your first action step and then use an update spreadsheet row task as your next action (using the row ID from the Lookup step).