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Creating a zap to go from the second program back to the first without triggering a zap going from first back to second.

  • 18 August 2023
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I currently have a Zap that triggers when I enter a new client into Hubspot. It sends a Zap to Mailbox Power to create a new entry. Now, I need to create a Zap that will create a new entry into Hubspot when someone answers a link in Mailbox Power. Can this be done without sending a Zap back to Mailbox Power from my original Zap?

Mailbox Power used to be Bannerseason.


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3 replies

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I’m a beginner myself, but I think you’d need to setup a loop, then filter on iteration greater than 1 to make it stop looping after it’s jumped back to zap1.


Thank you for your reply. I’m looking into that. I’m on the free version so I can’t do a loop yet. but I’ll keep it in mind.

For now, I’m setting up a zap to go from Mailbox Power when a new contact is created to Hubspot. If my original zap bounces back, I may have to manually delete them.

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Hi @Sharky , 

To achieve what you mentioned in original post, I think you should have a way to differentiate when a new contact created in HubSpot, it comes from MailboxPower.

What I understand from your original post is

  • Zap #1: 
    • Trigger: New contact in HubSpot
    • Action: Create Entry in MailboxPower
  • Zap #2:
    • Trigger: New answer in MailboxPower
    • Action: Create new contact in HubSpot 

What I suggest to try:

  • Add a Filter by Zapier in Zap #1 when new contact in HubSpot is created by trigger of MailboxPower.

How to do so?

I believe in HubSpot, you can customise Contact properties, such as adding new field/property. You can go to HubSpot settings → Data Management → Properties → select Contact property to create new property. Or you can follow this article .

After creating new property successfully, in Zap #2 Action, you can add some value to the field you just created. For example, I would suggest to create a new Contact property named ‘Is from MailboxPower’ then you can set this field value to ‘Yes’ if it is created by Zap #2 Action.

For Zap #1, your Filter by Zapier step will check if the field ‘Is From MailboxPower’ is not equal to ‘Yes’, then it will continue to execute next Action. Otherwise it will stop the Zap.


Let me know if you need any help, I would glad to help.