Creating a Lookup Table to use across Zaps

  • 21 January 2022
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Hello to all Community Members

I am new to Zapier and I am having hard time achieving the following: 

Zap 1: Pulls the Event IDs and stores them in a list
Zap2: Pick one of the event IDs from the list mentioned above and get all registrations against that event ID. 
Now store these in a different table or write them to another platform. 

Having a hard time creating a lookup table that can store the list and can be called from the 2nd ZAP. 
Can someone please help with what Zapier tool should I use. 

Thanks a lot.

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2 replies

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Hi @AnkurTheSprout 

NOTE: Most apps work on a per record basis.

Generally to retrieve multiple values that may involve using an app’s API.

Plus, other things that may have to be addressed is pagination. (e.g. 100 records max per page)

Try using Airtable as your Lookup Table:

Airtable has an API that can leveraged:

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Hey @AnkurTheSprout! I think @Troy Tessalone’s suggestion of using Airtable is going to work best here. Can you share more about the format the registrants need to come over in when you look them up by ID? I am asking because all registrants will come over in a single field using this method. If you need them to come over separately and take a different action on each, then we may have to get creative and do a bit of brainstorming here.

Also, what is your desired outcome for this workflow? Often, knowing the result you’re after and why it’s important can help us come to a solution faster. :slight_smile: