Create/Update events from a URL iCal to regular Google Calendar



I’m currently subscribed to a URL iCal calendar (which has my classes schedule, and lecture times are sometimes changed, which is why I can’t just manually add in the times).

On my google calendar account, this URL calendar it is a separate calendar. 


I want the events on that URL calendar to be automatically duplicated into my main (google account) calendar, so in a way create some sort of duplication sync between the two.

[I can later just hide the separate URL iCal from my view.]


Reason why I’m doing this is because I share my main calendar with my colleague, and I want him to also see my classes schedule, which I want to be added to my main calendar for him to see.

Since my classes schedule is a separate URL iCal calendar, I’m the only one that can see it

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Hi @404-nut-found 

Check out the available triggers/actions/searches for GCal:

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Hey @404-nut-found,

Did you manage to get the desired workflow set up here? 

If not and you could still use some help with this, please let us know! :)