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Create Stripe Invoice

  • 17 July 2022
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There doesn’t seem to be an Action in Zapier for creating an Invoice in Stripe.  

I MUST be missing something.  What good is it to be able to create Customers, Products, etc and apparently NOT be able to create an Invoice.  

I need to be able to charge the customer’s credit card (which is on file in Stripe) once the service has been delivered.  It would seem that this would be a really common application for Stripe via Zapier.  There is an API call to do this (, but do I really have to delve into REST POST calls to do something so seemingly mundane as this?


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Hello @darmitage 

A simple way to do this pull out the transaction details like amount,name,email,etc details required for Invoice from Stripe Triggers and map this information into Google Docs Create Template Action step.

This way you can create templatized invoices and send them through zapier directly to their emails.


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Just to be clear, what I hope to do is automatically charge the clients credit card once the service (appointment in this case) has been completed.  Generating an Invoice is not the focus of this integration.  Automating the process of collecting a payment is.  

It seems bewildering that we can create a Customer in Stripe through Zapier, but not create an Invoice when the primary purpose of a payment gateway is to get paid.  BTW, I do know that it may be possible to set this up using the Stripe REST API, but that is a significantly more convoluted process that simply calling a Zapier Action.

Thanks for your response to my inquiry!

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Hi @darmitage 

Good question.

You’ll need to use the Stripe API to create charges and invoices:

App APIs can be used in Zaps with the Webhook app:

Consider hiring a Zapier Expert if you need help:

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Hi @darmitage!

There isn’t currently an action to create an invoice in Stripe using Zapier, but we do have an open feature request for this addition. I've added your name to the feature request to let the team know that it would've helped you, that also means that you'll get an email if we have an update on this.

I’m sorry, I know that’s not great news. In the meantime, if you are familiar with using APIs and webhooks, then you could check out some of the links that Troy has shared. 

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Thank you all.  @Troy Tessalone in particular.  I’ve used webhooks before and the Stripe API looks straightforward.  That said, I do think that this a Zapier Action to do this would be of great value and pretty darned logical extension to what is already there.

@Danvers - Please add me to this list as well! This option would be crucial to have

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Hi @gembah 


I’ve added your vote for this feature request, we’ll update you via email once available. Thanks!