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Create Quickbooks Estimate - keep Amount field blank for certain line items?

  • 20 July 2022
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We have a pretty static menu of services and products at our company, so our salespeople ultimately end up creating a lot of identical estimates in Quickbooks. We’re trying to automate this process to more easily generate our most “basic” proposals using a completed Asana task as our trigger.

So far so good! Our formatted line items are working pretty seamlessly, but we do have a few line items in our estimates that we intentionally don’t apply a cost amount to (things that will be adjusted later on, or terms and conditions that don’t have a cost association).

Via a Zapier integration, the default for an “empty” Amount field is to input “0.00”. It’s a required field for each line item, so we can’t exclude it. Is there a way to assert that these should stay blank? Or to delete the 0.00 after the estimate has been created (via integration, not manually!)


Please let us know what other info we can provide!


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Hi @Ink Factory Studio!

That’s awesome that you’ve managed to automate a good chunk of work, and well done for figuring out those line items - they can be tricky at times! The bad news here is that there isn’t a way to leave a field blank if it’s required, and it’s not possible to go back and update the field to a blank value either. 

I’m sorry, I know that’s not helpful to you in this case. Thinking outside the box a little - could you set the amount to a random number like 999.99 or -1.00 so you know that it needs to be changed (manually), or would that mess with other systems and processes that you have in place?


From what I know about the Quickbooks integration I don’t think it would be be possible to set fields so that they can be empty, but I’m not a developer so I could be wrong. You could get in touch with the Zapier Support team (using the Get Help form) to ask them to create a feature request for this addition - we can’t promise that we’re able to act on all feature requests, but they help us to track interest in new features.