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Create Pull Request in GitHub for new Files in Dropbox

  • 3 June 2021
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I am trying to integrate Dropbox with Github. I would like to send a pull request everytime changes are made to a dropbox file. I looked at the off-the-shelf integration zap "Create GitHub pull requests for new Dropbox files", but I cannot get this working. 


Anyone tried this integration? I am also open to do this with google sheets if not just dropbox.


thank you


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9 replies

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Hi @ramb 

Can you describe more about what issues you had when trying to configure or test the Zap between Dropbox and GitHub?

Perhaps provide screenshots to give context.


Make sure to check the available help docs for each app:



In step one, I connected my dropbox and selected the folder/file 

In step two, for github, I am not sure what goes into head and base. 

In repo, I selected where the file should go into. Then title and body are just text, so that was not a problem. That leaves me with head and base fields. I understand there should two repo for a pull request, but in this case, I do not understand what these two repos are, because one is a dropbox. 

I get error like validation failed or "no commits between base and head"

Thank you @Troy Tessalone 

I had the same problem with google drive integration to create a pull request to github.

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Are you able to provide screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured?

Github steps
Dropbox Steps


I feel google drive integration may be better based on the description/ actions/ triggers available between google drive and github. I would like to send a pull request with the file that has been modified on google drive or dropbox. I also tried with google drive, the problem remains the same. I do not understand what goes into head and base fields. Thank you for looking into this.

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Here’s GitHub’s help article about creating a pull request:


Reference the description underneath each of the fields for additional context.


If you still need assistance, it may be best to open a ticket with Zapier Support here:

Sure. Thank you. I will wait, may be others have anidea.

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Hey @ramb, I hope you’re doing well!

For the Head and Base fields:

These are standard Git terms for your branches based off what you’re doing with that branch. When thinking about branches, remember that the base branch is where changes should be applied, the head branch contains what you would like to be applied.

So if you’re making changes in a branch called “testing” and want to pull those changes into the “main” branch, then your head is “testing” and your base is “main”

If you need more information regarding Github naming conventions and functionality, it is highly recommend to review the docs at Github to get a better understanding of their terminology and how their system works:

In this case, you won’t be able to send a file directly to Github using the Pull Request action, this is outside of the scope of what a pull request is for. A pull request is for pulling changes from one branch into another.

For This Workflow:

It sounds like you’re looking to push a commit to a branch, rather than create a pull request to pull one branch into another. This is not currently possible with the Github integration and won’t be possible using normal files within Zapier. The Github API expects for commits to be base64 encoded and files in Zapier are hydrated file objects, not base64.

You can find more information on pushing content to repos in Github here:

We don’t have a way to take a file and encode it in base64, this would require your own custom integration to pull off. If you have the engineering resource to do so, you can check out our developer platform for building out your own custom integration for handling files in base64 and pushing them to Github:

This is a pretty hefty lift that would require some engineering and not something that would be available out of the box with the Zapier integration.