Create Presentation From Template in Google Slides - How to change size of pictures?

  • 26 July 2022
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I’ve been using a Zapier between - 
Email received with an attachments → Create Presentation From Template in Google Slides

I would like to change an image in my Google Slide presentation with the attachment of the email I receive.
It is working, my only issue is that the picture that populate in the Slide is reaally tiny, and I don’t know where to set the image size, to make it bigger. 

Thank you for your help


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3 replies

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Hey there, @ariane! Thanks so much for reaching out.

Interesting! I’m curious - is it possible to edit the source image in the attachment? Does that change how it appears in your slide? Or regardless, is it always coming through as a tiny little thing?

The reason I ask, is because at the moment there isn’t a way to edit the formatting within the zap itself so this may be the only way we can test it. 😔

Is it possible to give that a shot? Keep us posted! 

Hi @christina.d 
Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, I don’t have any hand on the attachment that I receive as it is an automatic one. But I tried to send a bigger image (just to test), and it is as tiny as the first attachment… 


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Hey, @ariane !

Can you check the file name of your file to see if there are any size restrictions? I think Nick’s response here might be what’s happening to you too.