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Create new zap based on workflow from a separate zap

  • 25 January 2020
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Hi, I have a zap workflow that creates, among other things, a trello board with a certain name and at the same time, a new list within that trello board called "completed".

I have another zap that updates a google sheet when a trello card is moved into the "completed" list for the board created in a separate zap.

What i really want to do is link the two - So, when the first workflow runs creating the new board, a new zap is created that does the second task. My aim here is to cut down on having to manually create the second zap each time we onboard a new client (Which is what the first zap does).

I am assuming I cant combine the second zap into the first one as the criteria for triggering is completely different - If there are other ways of achieving what I am aiming for here that would also be welcome as I am not very experienced with Zapier and also not a developer.


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3 replies

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Are you able to just create a "multi step" zap and condense everything into one?

If I'm understanding the issue correctly, perhaps you can just add all of the steps of "Zap 2" as additional steps within "Zap 1". That way Zap 1 gets triggered and runs both the Trello tasks and the Google Sheet tasks together.

This sounds like the way to go to me, unless I'm not fully understanding the issue.



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@blasemedia My understanding is that I cannot create a new zap through automation based on the output of a previous automation. I cant see how I can include the second in the first due to the things we need to achieve?

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Hi @Edge45 ,

I see you worked with Support on this issue! Circling back to make sure your workflow is all set and posting Support’s response below for future users to reference:


Hi Colin,

I think I have a solution for you!

So, the way we can make sure the Zap works for all boards is by doing the following:

In the Onboarding Zap:

Add one new step to the onboarding Zap, which will update a separate spreadsheet - used only to make the second Zap work.

This spreadsheet will only have a list of worksheet IDs and client names, one client/worksheet per row, and the client name should match what their board in Trello is called. This step should come after the creation of the worksheet and trello board steps, so that you can add the worksheet ID and the name of the trello board as mapped fields.

On a new Zap, that will replace the client-specific ones:

1. Trigger - New Activity in Trello. Select "Card Moved To/From List" (this will allow you to monitor all boards)
2. Action - Filter - Only continue if field "Data List After Name" contains "Completed" (this step prevents the Zap from running when other cards are moved around):

(view larger)

3. Action - Google Sheets - Lookup spreadsheet row. Here, you'll be searching on the spreadsheet that has all the worksheet IDs. To make sure you find the correct one, search on the column that has the client's names, mapping the board name that came from Step 1.This will find the corresponding information on that row, the worksheet ID!

4. Action - Google Sheet - Create Spreadsheet Row. This will be same as you have right now on Step 2 of the Glencor to Google Sheets Zap. The only difference is that you'll use a custom value on the Worksheet field, and map the found worksheet ID from the previous step here:

I know it's a bit of work, but I believe it can save you the time and effort of having to make a new Zap each time!