Create new Slides from templates - add image as wallpaper, from google Drive image link

  • 20 February 2021
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I want to generate a google Slides from template - the variables working perfectly, but if i want to add an image, that wont work:


Is there any method to insert an image from google drive shared link to get a wallpaper? 

Thank you,


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5 replies

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Hi there @hjeno - Thanks for writing in. Here’s the help text for your Zap’s Trigger:

Select an existing presentation. (Do not use a "Custom Value" here.) If that presentation contains placeholder variables like `{{name}}` or `{{email}}`, they will show up as fields below. To use images, create a text box in your template presentation that contains a variable. (e.g. `{{company_logo}}`) Then below, enter an image URL that starts with `http://` or `https://` and links to a PNG, JPEG or GIF.

Could you try .JPEG instead of .jpg by chance? 

hi @steph.n - your comment helped me see my error. I’ve got the appropriate images appearing, however I am wondering if I can pass along any sizing variables for the image. Right now the images that are being passed are small and what seems to be an arbitrary size. Thank you for your help! 

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Hi @d0ct0r!

I just wanted to check in with you to see if you’d managed to get things working, or whether you could still use some help here. Please let us know :)


hi @nicksimard Appreciate the nudge - would love to know if there are any size variables or controls that can be used to control that image. Am still struggling with smaller-than-desired images

Thank you for any and all assistance. 

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Hey @d0ct0r!

I’m not sure which field you’ve mapped there but I noticed that the thumbnail field has a number at the end that can be changed:

You can change the “s220” there to something like “s1200” and it gets bigger :) Keep an eye on the address bar here:


You could use a Formatter step (Text — Replace) to swap out the 220 for a bigger number. Can you see if that works for you?