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Create New Lead in Chime - what fields are required?

I’m planning an integration with Zapier to go from ClickFunnels to trigger an action of creating a new lead in Chime & would like to know what info I’ll want to collect from my client’s Chime account in order to make this happen.


I won’t have access to Chime directly, so would like to come up with a specific list. 


The lead form has… 

~ name

~ phone

~ a couple of text / input fields

… that all will need to be added / mapped over to Chime. 


Do these fields need to be setup in advance? Do I need to select a specific List? 

Will I need more than just an API code to setup?

Thank YOU VERY much in advance for helping. My client is a busy real estate broker & am trying to save him as much back & forth as I can. :-)



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Hi @FunnelMarketingConsulting 

You can view the available triggers/actions/searches for the Chime Zap app here:

Unfortunately, Chime doesn’t have any Help articles to reference on their Zap app profile page.

If you’re able to, I suggest creating a Zap with the desired steps to see what data points are available.

Hey Troy! I appreciate the response, thank you!


Yes, I’m 100% good with trigger & action for this Zap. I’m just trying to see if there’s someone with prior experience who can help me gather what’s needed for this prior to logging into my client’s Zapier account.

I hope that makes sense!

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Hey @FunnelMarketingConsulting, I hope you’re doing well, I just wanted to check in here!

For working with Chime I had a look at the integration and it looks like it does use an API Key: Visit the integrations page in your clients Chime account for this you can go to the account settings to get the API key.

The Create Lead action for Chime does have First Name, Last Name, Phone, Email and several other fields available. So you should be able to send that data to Chime with the new lead, but I’ll need more information about the text/input fields if you want to confirm those as well.

You should only need the Chime API Key for the client account from their end, then you can do the rest of the set up in the zap without bothering them too much I believe. I don’t think you’ll need to set up any fields on their end, but you may be limited to the specific fields the Create Lead action for Chime supports.

I believe ClickFunnels uses OAuth, so you’ll need their login information for ClickFunnels if you need to connect to the CF account as well.