Create Multiple Spreadsheet Rows in Google Sheets Puts everything in the same row

  • 9 November 2023
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My problem is I can’t get individual rows imported in Google sheets, it imports everything into a single row with commas. 

Here’s my current Zap:

  1. New attachment in Gmail
  2. Utilities in Formatter imports from CSV
  3. Lookup Spreadsheet Rows in Google Sheets

Originally step 3 was “Create Multiple Spreadsheet rows” and when using that, each row from the GMail CSV attacment would be imported into my Google Sheet into its own row. 

However, the problem here was it would reimport old rows so rows were being entered twice, three times and more. 

So I switched to Lookup Spreadsheet Rows in Google Sheets to use the “Create Google Sheets Spreadsheet Row if it doesn’t exist yet?” feature. Now it imports everything into a single row. 

When using “Create Multiple Spreadsheet rows” this is how it would send the data to the Google Sheet. You can see it first reads all the data then outputs them as individual line items.
This is using Lookup Spreadsheet Rows


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Hi @myuill 

Good question.

If you are trying to find/create + update, then you would need to use a different approach.

There is no upsert (create/update) option for GSheets in the Zap action.

Try using the Looping app to iterate thru each CSV record.