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Create multiple rows in Google Sheet - parsed from line items in an email

  • 27 May 2021
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Hi Everyone

I’m familiar with using email parser to move data via a zap into a google sheet.  But my issue now is I want to polulate a number of colums with several rows of data, instead of just one new row - specifically, it’s a timesheet email which has data for each day of the week.  The data needs to go into specific columns, but I also want a row for each day. The email parse contains data for every day, Monday to Sunday, but currently, the zap will only pick up the first day, ie Monday. Any ideas?


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Hi @Gary Harvey 

This will depend on a few factors.

  1. What email parser you are using. (e.g. Mailparser)
  2. How the email parser is paring the data.

Once the email parser parses the email data correctly, then you can look towards solving the multiple rows.

GSheets Create Row(s) options can be used with Line Items:

See Formatter > Utiliies > options related to line items that may be needed to prep the email data once parsed: