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Create Microsoft Outlook calendar event for different user

  • 29 June 2022
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This may be a very simple fix or something that is not at all possible….but I am stumped. Any suggestions on how to accomplish or a different approach to accomplish this task would be greatly appreciated!

Here is the situation…

I am admin assistant that makes appointments for muliple sales reps. (we currently use Airtable to track leads).

My current zap creates an event on MY outlook calendar when there is a new record in a certain view. - which means I then have to copy the appointment onto the sales reps calendar.

Ideally, the appointment should show up directly on the individual sales reps calendar instead of mine but when I build the zap and am creating the action - the only microsoft account I can choose is my own - even though I have editor/delegate permissions on my sales reps calendars.

How can I get the option to create this event directly on the sales reps calendar?

Hope this makes sense!


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4 replies

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Hi @smeckley 

Good question.

You likely need to have each Outlook account connected in Zapier:

Might be worth opening a ticket with Zapier Support for confirmation:

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Hey @smeckley! Were you able to get your Zap configured how you wanted? 🤔

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Hey, @smeckley 

Troy’s right here - you have to connect their Outlook account to your Zapier account via The Outlook app on Zapier doesn’t support mailboxes and calendars that are shared with you. We have a feature request open for this and I’ve added you to the list of interested users so we can notify you if it’s added.

If you can get them to connect their Outlook accounts in your Zapier account, you won’t have access to their passwords (it gets encrypted) but you will be able to select their accounts to use in your Zaps.


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Hey @smeckley and everyone else checking on this topic, we've got good news! It's now possible to use shared inboxes and calendars with Microsoft Outlook and Office 365!

We wrote about it here: