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Create Input field from dynamic dropdown selections

  • 19 November 2020
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I have a Trigger that returns a list of custom fields attached to a user’s account in my web app. I have this setup as a dynamic field for an Action.

Right now, when building a Zap with this Action, the Trigger loads the custom fields correctly and I can select multiple, but what this does is, when the Zap runs, passes an array of the selected custom field IDs and passes those IDs back to my web app, as if the IDs were also the values.

What we want to do is:

  1. User creates a Zap for this Action
  2. Chooses some custom fields, such as First Name and Last Name
  3. Be able to assign to these custom fields the value from the Trigger.

An example is when we link to a Google Sheet. That sheet has an email, first name, and last name column. In our web app, email is a static field, but first name and last name are custom fields. I can easily in my Zap have the email field in my Action pull from the email column in the Google Sheet, but I can’t figure out how I write this so that I can choose to use the first name custom field from my Zap and populate it with the first name column in the Google Sheet.

And to add a little bit more info, write now what is passed back to my API in my web app is a 0-base indexed array where the values are the selected custom field IDs. What my API needs is an associative array with a key of field ID and value of whatever I assign to it from the original Trigger.


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Hello! Just curious - What’s the reason you can’t work with an indexed array if it’s in the same format each time? 

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Because the array is dynamic.

Our system allows users to define custom fields per database. When a user connects to something like a Facebook form, they may want to include the default (email), and first name (a custom field) and job title (a custom field).

So, knowing this, they design their Facebook form to have three fields. In Zapier, when someone submits a Facebook form, they want that data to create an entry in their database of customers. For that to work, they’d need to be able to dynamically choose which database fields to include in the Zap from a dynamic list of currently assigned custom fields in our system.

Does that help clarify?

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Hello, I am having the same issue, does anyone have an answer ? 

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I honestly don’t think what you’re looking to do is possible without creating a code step. If your array is dynamic, we’d need to find some other way of ensuring that we know what is in each index...Which might be really hard. 

My recommendation is to consult with a Zapier expert who could maybe help you write something custom for this problem. The directory is here: