Create form submission in HubSpot from WooCommerce order created

  • 11 October 2021
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Hello, I need to zap a new Hubspot form entry, following a new Woocommerce order.

Where do I get the requested data:

HubSpot usertoken
IP address
Page name
Page URI
Page ID
SFDC campaign ID
GoToWebinar key/ID
Submission timestamp

Thank you

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8 replies

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Hi @Gabrielev 

From which app are you trying to get this data?

Hi Troy Tessalone

here is the detail


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Those fields would have to have data points either dynamically mapped from the trigger step OR statically set.

Help article about how to map data points between Zap steps using the ‘CUSTOM’ mapping option:

are the data referring to the HubSpot cookie (hubspotutk)

which are essential for "Create Form Submission in HubSpot"
but i don't know how to get them

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Only the Form field is required, the rest are optional fields.


Then there is a problem in my account.

The form is selected but when I do Test action it gives an error. The form is missing


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Try reviewing the info here:


Might be worth opening a ticket with Zapier Support for additional assistance:

Troy Tessalone

I reread the info here
but I don't find anything useful.

I will try to contact support.

Thank you very much for helping.