Create daily zap for new job postings on linkedin

  • 28 September 2022
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Hello Zapier Community! 


I get a daily notification from Linkedin when someone posts a job that says “Open Policy Agent”. I’d like for this notification to create a message in slack with the job posting. Is there any easy way to accomplish this?




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4 replies

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Hi @peteroneilljr 

Good question.

Is there an RSS feed available for these LinkedIn notifications?

If yes, then the RSS app can be used as the Zap trigger:

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Hi @peteroneilljr! Were you able to look into Troy’s suggestion? There aren’t any triggers for LinkedIn that would allow you to get notifications for specific job posts in Zapier, but using an RSS feed would be one way to get around that. 


If you can set up email notifications for new job posts that match that search, you could also use Email Parser by Zapier to pull the information from the email to send to Slack. 


Would either of those solutions work for you?

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Linkedin got rid of RSS updates years ago according to Google :/ 


I’ll give the email parser a shot though! 

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Hi @peteroneilljr checking back in, how goes the email parser attempt? Any questions?