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Create Basecamp 3 to-do with variable project and to-do sets

  • 8 November 2021
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I am struggling with a seemingly simple automation and hoping that someone can help me. 

Our team uses an intake form in Airtable for project kickoff (but I would imagine you’d run into the same issue with a form submission from any other source). From there, I'd like to automate a Basecamp 3 to-do in the related Basecamp project (which is entered in the form, allowing for simple lookup).

Where I am struggling is finding a way for to-do sets in Basecamp to be variable, based on the name of the associated Basecamp project. Zapier seems to want each to-do to be entered in the same to-do set (pulled based on to-do set ID), but if tasks are going to different projects, that’s not possible.

Right now, Zapier can look up the Basecamp project and even shows me the URL for the to-do set, but it’s in an aggregated “Dock” field (see screenshot for reference below).

The most frustrating part is that my team uses the default titles for “Dock” apps, and every to-do set is named “To-dos”.

I've attempted a variety of solutions, but I cannot find a way to do a to-do set lookup function, even though I'm able to pull the correct data from Basecamp.

I’ve done a handful of coding activities, but I’m not super familiar with webhooks – is that my solution?




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Welcome to the Community, @Carly Johansen! :)

As you’ve already discovered, there isn’t currently a search action with Basecamp 3 integration to search for a specific To-Do set. We do have an existing feature request for a To-Do set search action to be added though, so I’ve added your vote for that. No ETA on when it will become available but we’ll email you directly as soon as it is. 

In the meantime, if you wanted to try using a Webhooks by Zapier action to handle this it looks like the endpoint you’d need is the to-do set endpoint. More information about this endpoint can be found in Basecamp’s API documentation here: To-do sets and I’d recommend also checking out our Send webhooks in Zaps guide too.

Hopefully that helps!

We are looking for almost the exact same solution. Did this get figured out? If so can OP share the solution? 

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Hey @bartmanion!

I’m not sure whether @Carly Johansen was able to get a workaround set up using webhooks, but that feature request still hasn’t been added yet. I’ve added your vote to it so we will notify you by email as soon as it’s resolved. :)

@SamB Thank you, we are keen to make use of this feature once available. If there is a webhook solution that someone has validated I’d been keen to seen it. 


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@bartmanion We didn’t wind up using web hooks! I was able to find a workaround using a spreadsheet style formula with the Formatter step, action event “Numbers” and a couple of other steps.

Laid out below. Anything in all caps is a reference to info pulled from a previous step.

  1. Find Project in Basecamp
  2. Formatter step, formula: IF("[STEP 1]Basecamp__dock title"="To-dos","[STEP 1]Basecamp_Dock ID","")
  3. Find or create a to-do list
    1. Make sure your Todo Set value is set as a reference to the Step 2 output.


Let me know if I can clarify anything!



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Thanks so much for popping back into share your solution, @Carly Johansen

@Carly Johansen Thanks! that works perfectly