Create a zip file from mail attachments

  • 3 January 2023
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I am facing an issue regarding a zap that will detect an incoming mail in Gmail that have multiple attachments (3) and will zip them and upload them in a Google Drive folder.

The zap is configured with the followings : 

  • Trigger: 
    • App: GMAIL
    • Event: New Email Matching Search
    • Account and Search String correctly set

=> The trigger is tested successfully, I can see a sample of a mail found with the search string showing all 3 attachments.

  • Action: 
    • App: Google Drive
    • Event: Upload File
    • Account and folder correctly set

For the file, as mentionned in the help, I have separated them with a comma and a space to send all at once. This should compress them into a single .ZIP file for uploading:


=> The trigger is tested successfully. However, only the first file is uploaded in the folder of the drive, correctly named. I expected a zip file containing all 3 attachments.

I tried different things as set up but none of them gave me the expected result.

Can you help me with this? Thanks in advance!

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1 reply

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Hey there, @Vivien! Thanks for reaching out in the community!

Hmm…I wonder if the “New Attachment” trigger could work for your needs here. It triggers per attachment and you can also set a search string in the trigger setup. 🙂

Here’s a similar question that goes into some extra and a help article that explains how you can filter by specific attachment if you need to.

Do you think this could work? Keep us posted!