Create a ZAP for Crelate Activity to Slack when the candidate submits to the Client or Account Manager for an Open Job



Looking to create a ZAP for Crelate Activity to share on Slack when Candidate is submitted to Client or Account Manager for an Open Job.

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Hi @JP3 

Good question.

These are the available Crelate Zap triggers:


Thanks Troy!

I found those and I’m not getting the results I want from the Zap’s you identified. Unless I’m missing something.

thanks John

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Can you post screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured for us to have more context and describe more about the issue you are having?

No screenshots because I’m not able to create.

Business case:

I want to use Crelate to update my team on Slack Channel immediately for 2 activities - Submit to AM & Submit to Client.

So, I’m not finding anyway to accomplish this. Any suggestions or workarounds would be much appreciated - thanks JP

Within Lever ATS I was able to select Slack Channels while completing the Notes section, and the app picked up the #submissions channel and send automatically

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Probably best to reach out to Crelate to ask for guidance on what you’re seeking from their API/webhooks related to activities.

Okay thanks Troy