Create a workflow from a QR code to a Smartsheet

  • 24 June 2021
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Hello everyone,

I am very new to Zapier and I am wanting to know how it is possible to create a QR code that has info for product reordering on it that when scanned you can submit that info to a Smartsheet or Google Sheets for a remote purchasing team to access and order it.

We have hundreds of products in our workshop stores that need a simple system to record low stock on a sheet on a daily basis.

I would prefer to use Smartsheet if possible as that the company already uses it and everyone is familiar with it.

Would appreciate any help.

Thank you, Lawrie

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5 replies

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Hi, Lawrie! Looks like we have a few QR code apps available like:


You’d want two different Zaps:

  1. The first Zap will create the QR code.
  2. The second Zap will trigger when the QR code is scanned, then you can send the info to Smartsheets.

One thing left to figure out is what will trigger the first Zap. How will you determine when a QR code is created? 


 Hello MichelleS, 

Thank you for that. I appreciate the reply. 

I would need someone to explain this a bit further please... I am completely thrown into a new role and job here so I need a bit of guidance!

  1. How would this work creating QR codes on a regular basis? 
  2. Would there be someone available to create this setup for us?  ( we would only want to create the codes ourselves as needed)
  3. What cost would be involved please?

Thank you, Lawrie.

Also may add that I can see that QRTIGER could possibly become fairly costly for us ($585AUD) per year for us and seems to be a limit of 600 QR codes per annum. We would easily do that and more in 12 months. Is this correct?

Regards, Lawrie

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Hey, Lawrie! Since you’re new to this, I recommend reading this article to explain further: 

And if you need a deeper dive into triggers and actions:

I’m not sure what the pricing is for any specific app, unfortunately. I recommend checking on QRTIGER’s site directly for pricing and plan details. You can also try using another QR app.

Lastly, if you’re looking for help setting up a Zap, we have an Experts program:

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Hi @Lawrie,

You should be able to do that with Ubiqod:

@MichelleS would be very happy to show you the possibilities offered by  the App (