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Create a row in Google Sheets from Slack messages with new reactions within slack threads

  • 7 February 2021
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I’ve been using the “Create a row in Google Sheets from Slack messages with new reactions” and have been happy with it for a few months.

The problem occurs when the slack message i am adding reaction is in a message in thread.

This is what i would it expect how it would work

  1. when reaction is added to a parent message, parent message got saved. 
  2. when reaction is added to a thread message, thread (child) message got saved. 

(1) is working as expected

(2) i vaguely recall this works a few months ago but seems to fail on me now. but not 100%. If i try to do (2) It would save the parent message instead.


I want to confirm if this is a bug or feature. Thanks for the help.








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Hi @sophieh 

Based on the description of the Slack Trigger this would only fire in Public Channels, not Threads.


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I’ve also had this issue - Zapier only seems to trigger on an emoji added to a top level thread message (and only in public channels as Troy says), when adding an emoji to an in-thread reply, it’s not picked up.

I’ll flag this for Zapier to see if they can confirm.

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Hi @sophieh!

There is a known issue where the New Reaction trigger will trigger on threaded messages, but when it does it returns the first message of the thread, rather than the post on which the reply was added. I’m sorry for the hassle with this! If you’d like to have someone from the Support Team to double-check that you’re seeing that specific issue then the best thing to do is to get in touch with them using the Get Help form:

@sophieh any updates on this?