Create a filter based on a specific meta field from Stripe Event

  • 25 March 2023
  • 9 replies

I am trying to setup a filter on a stripe new subscription event.

Under Filter setup & testing, I am not seeing the field I need to test for.

I suspect not all transactions with have this meta field. 

How do I select the ‘only continue field’ if that meta field is not included in the sample data?


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9 replies

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Hi @artandsoul 

Good question.

Help article about how to change your trigger test data:

Thank you. I appreciate the quick reply.

I see how to change the test data. 

I did create a new payment just as I would expect it from an actual client.

However, I cannot find that real transaction as an example in the Stripe test data.

My next step is to add the filter based on a specific field.



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Which Stripe trigger event are you trying to use?

I’ve tried both, New Subscription and New Payment. 

I am not seeing the real payment I made in stripe via the website purchase.

I am lookin for meta data included in that payment. I see the payment in stripe and I see the field I am looking for in the filter.

But I am not seeing the payment test I made in the test data.


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Did you try changing the trigger test data after you made a test payment/subscription?


Yes, I’ve tried several times to find that transaction.

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The Zap trigger will only pull back the 3 most recent transactions.

So make sure to test and pull thru the data quickly.

My test transaction is the latest payment in Stripe.


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You may want to consider opening a ticket with Zapier Support for additional help:


You may want to consider hiring a Certified Zapier Expert for additional help: