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Course enrollment Learndash and ActiveCampaign is not working (going live today :()

  • 30 April 2021
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I used to have a zap in place that gave new students a tag in my Active Campaign that worked just fine.

I'm moving my academy to a new URL, so have to set it up again. However, it's not working :(


I've mimicked everything from the zap before. The tests are working. A new tag is added to the Active Campaign User. But when I test it ‘live’ by ordering through woocommerce & learndash nothing happens. No new account added to Active Campaign and no tags added.


> Maybe because mollie is still in test fase? But the customer looks real in woocommerce/learndash, so why is Active Campaign not picking it up?


> When you have multiple courses in your cart, does it add only the first course Post_title_name or off all the courses? (can't test that inside zapier)


I hope someone can help me!





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Hi @Yoga Marketing Coach 

Assuming you are using WooCommerce as a trigger and ActiveCampaign as an action.

As for your first question, there nothing seems wrong, you should try reconnecting your new active campaign account. Do test manually and if it doesn’t help, create the Zap from scratch again.

As for the second question, when someone purchases two items it goes as line items, you can either use the line-item value to push all the products name, separated by a comma, into the ActiveCampaign custom field. You can also use formatter to modify the line items and use them as you like.

Thanks Rob. 

I’m using Learndash instead of WooCommerce, this is the zap:


Active Campaign is actually the same as I used before, which is still working in the ‘old’ zap from the original URL. I connected Active Campaign again and added it to see if that makes a difference, but it doesn't.

I found something different in the old zap:

When testing the old zap and seeing ‘a contact was sent to ActiveCampaign...’ I do see that this contact is added in my ActiveCampagin account. When testing the new zap I see also that the test was successful, but nothing is actually happening in ‘recent activity’ my ActiveCampaign account.

BUT that might be because the test case generated by zapier in the old one is an email that's not usually in my contacts, and in the new zap it's my own ( that's already in my list… And I do see the tag of the course name being added when I look up the email adress.


And zapier doesn't register my zaps… even though I've had customers this month with the old zap and they've been added to ActiveCampaign with the right tag…



As for the second question: what do you mean by ‘as line items’? Do I need to add more Course Post Name tags, of would one work and do that automatically?


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@Yoga Marketing Coach 

Do you still need help with this? 

Can you share screenshots of the zap configuration? 

Send us a direct message and we’d be happy to help you get this set up under the time crunch! 

Yes still need help :) 

I'll send you a message

Can't send more than 1000 characters so I'll put the printscreens here:


(actually its not working here either so I put them in the attachment)

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Issue was in the trigger set up. url had ‘http’ instead of ‘https’.