Copying unique data from one Google spreadsheet to another

  • 21 February 2023
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Hi there, 

Just started learning zapier and spend 4 hours solving the problem I explained in the title.

Briefly,I have a spreadsheet collecting data from emails(name,email,when was email sent and the message itself). I wanted to create a small database creating another spreadsheet and copying UNIQUE e-mails from the first spreadsheet. I did not find the answer,so I tried different options. My logic was Create Spreadsheet Row → LookUp Spreadsheet(the one with existing data,for the data I need) ->Create A new Spreadsheet Row. The correct one is to use lookup spreadsheet row function for the blank spreadsheet. But what is the logic behind it? How should I know that I have to put the blank spreadsheet in the spreadsheet field?  And how should I know if it is going to copy UNIQUE data? Are there any guides on this? It is some twisted logic as if I am asking someone to look for some stuff from two boxes,one of them is full and the other one is empty. They come up to the boxes and start searching in the EMPTY box and magically finding UNIQUE items,even if I did not ask for them. Why did developers not put more tips below the fields? Like choose the spreadsheet You want to copy info from and Choose the spreadsheet where to copy. And may be some thing like delete duplicates?

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Hi @Konsta 

Good question.

Here’s the simplest way to configure the Zaps steps:

  1. Trigger: GSheet - New Row
  2. Action: GSheet - Lookup Row (else Create Row)
    1. Make sure to check the checkbox as seen below


This logic will find or create a row in the DESTINATION GSheet, but it will trigger for every row in the ORIGIN GSheet.