Copying data from one Google Sheets to another with certain data

  • 5 April 2023
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Hi Guys, I hope someone can help me or point me in the right direction.

I run an online coaching business with another of coaches in our team.

I am trying to automate our consultation call call tracking and assigning process as much as possible.

Currently all new calls come into a master tab on a google sheet automatically from calendly. 

The call info is then manually copied and pasted onto the particular coaches tab in the same sheet that we want to assign it too. However I would love to automate this process as it is quite time consuming and a manual task that im sure can be automated. I have tried to do it using a formula however when the data is transferred into the coaches tab, you are unable to edit that data in the new tab otherwise it will break the formula. 

I am trying to create a zap where I can automate this process instead. So that when the coaches name is entered into a certain cell, the info is then automatically pulled into their tab in google sheets from the master tab. 

Does anyone have any guidance on how to create this zap? 

I have tried but the data only seems to come through if you already have the name of the coach in the data, instead of adding it after the data has already landed in the master tab.

Hope this makes sense.



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Hi @Harry Armstrong 

Welcome to the Community!

I understand that you want the call info details from Calendly to be transferred to your Google Sheets, is that correct?

Also, you mentioned “master tab”, what app are you using for that?