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copying a file from Google Drive to another google drive folder.

  • 7 April 2020
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HI all. Very new to Zapier and love it. 

I have a step I would like to include in a current zap. 

The current zap originates from Pipedrive and creates a task/subtask list in Asana, and then creates folders in google drive. 

I have a file that is a template file in a folder in google drive, and I would like to take a copy of that file, rename it to the address id I use in the earlier step of the zap and copy it to the newly create folder. 

I am having trouble trying to understand what to do. 

Anyone done this before? or have any idea on what I should be doing to get this to work right? 

My current actions 

/google drive/copy file/select account in google/ 

Then it comes up with customize file, and the file to copy, but it won’t let me drill down into the folder that the file is in… /root/inspyre home design/templates/file.xlsx


any help would be great



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Hi Bret,

I’ve got a neat little trick for this one :)

You may not always be able to see the file you’re looking for when you check the File dropdown for the Copy File in Google Drive action. BUT, we can find it one time using a search step and then manually type in the ID. There may be other ways to do it but I like this because you can do it from within the Zap editor.

So here I have a file called index.html but I wasn’t able to see it in the dropdown. So what I do is use a search step, find it, then check the Send Data tab and copy the ID. I then manually type that in on the Copy File in Google Drive step after choosing Custom in the File field. Choosing Custom then allows you to type a value (or in this case, paste one).



Once you’ve found the file, you can delete that search step since you don’t need to actually run that every time the Zap is triggered.

Can you give that a shot? I tested it in my account and it worked great :)