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Copy New OneDrive File to existing but unknown-named Folder in OneDrive

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For the purpose of this question, all files and folders are in OneDrive.

I have a new client JotForm that is used to kick off some automations.  The built in JotForm/OneDrive integration uploads a New Client PDF file to an existing folder in OneDrive. That all works fine.  

At the same time, I have a Zap that creates a new folder based on the client’s name from the JotFrom in an existing Master Client Folder.  At this point I have the desired PDF in one subfolder and the new desired target subfolder created.  All good so far.

Next, I would like a Zap to copy that New Client PDF from its current subfolder (I think I use the Zap/OneDrive integration New File trigger) to the New Folder named for the new client that was just created in the Master Client Folder.  I can’t figure out how to tell Zapier how to find/identify the newly created folder to deposit the PDF.

Any suggestions are appreciated!!


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Hello @Scott3294!

Alright, so it sounds like you have a few Zaps running to make this process work. Just to check my understanding, you have:

Zap 1 - JotForm to OneDrive: Client fills out a JotForm which creates a PDF that is uploaded to an existing “Master Client” folder on OneDrive.

Zap 2 - JotForm to OneDrive: Client fills out a JotForm which creates a folder on OneDrive.

You’d like to have a third Zap. Zap 3 - OneDrive to OneDrive: Copy of PDF in “Master Client” is moved to new “[Client Name]” folder on OneDrive. Correct?


If I’m understanding your workflow correctly, you should be able to achieve Zap 3 in Zap 2 by using the “Find Folder” trigger and then adding in an additional “Upload File” step. Keeping it all in the same Zap lets you reference previous steps.


Let us know how it goes!

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Hi @Scott3294 

Perhaps consider a different execution of your Zap steps.


One thing to keep in mind is that you could encounter a race condition where one Zap triggers/finishes (new file in folder) before the other (create folder) which actually needs to be completed first.


Zap Steps

  1. Trigger: Jotform - New Submission
  2. Action: OneDrive - Create Folder
  3. Action: OneDrive - Upload File
    1. Map the Folder ID from step 2
    2. Map the PDF from step 1
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Thanks for the suggestions!  Sorry for the delay...have not had a chance to get back to this.

I worked on it tonight and the hold up is that I can’t find the PDF.  I set up the order like Troy suggested...having the folder create as the first step after the New Submission.

When I get to the point of uploading a file...I map the folder ok, but then have no way to find the PDF that was created by the New Submission.  The only options presented are the Jot Form submission (which does not contain the PDF) or the create folder routine.  

I know where the PDF is saved from another process, but I don’t know how to find it in this step.


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If you know where the PDF is being saved in a GDrive Folder, then try using a GDrive Find File step in the Zap if it uses a consistent file naming convention.

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Thanks Troy!  It took me a bit to figure out which action to select, but with a little trial and error, it worked.

Thanks for your help!!!  Jillian also!