Copy Googlesheet in Drive folder and move it based on Google calendar-defined "deadline" (event)

  • 13 December 2022
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Hello! I am very new to all of this and would greatly appreciate your help!

Would it be feasible to use a Google calendar event to trigger copying of a Google sheet in a Drive folder to another folder?

For example, an activity log (owned by Org P) is stored in group members A, B, and C “activity log” subfolders on a shared Google Drive. At 11:59 pm on DD-MM-YYYY (Google calendar), this would trigger a copy being made and sent to a “pending approvals” folder (for review by Org P; once approved, this would send the line items to a compiling spreadsheet with another zap).

I tried setting this up as the following but I could not get it to work:

-Matching event in a google calendar (search for “activity log due”)

-Finding a folder in Google Drive (the problem may be here since nothing is directly related to the Google calendar event?)

-Finding a file in said folder, making a copy to a “for approvals” folder. (The approval would trigger the next zap to create rows in a compiling spreadsheet. This later zap works)

Any ideas would be much appreciated, thank you so much for your help!

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Hi @S_very_beginner, hope you’re doing well!

The workflow required is feasible. You could create a Zap with the following steps:

  • Trigger: Google Calendar New Event Matching Search
  • Action: Google Drive Find a folder
  • Action: Google Drive Find a File
  • Action: Google Drive Copy File

As you’ve mentioned, this workflow will be contingent on having a folder name and file name included in the Google Calendar data to power the find steps. In cases like this, you could use Named Variables in typing out the description field of the event so that it can provide the necessary file/folder names needed for search. You can learn more about that here: 

Hope that helps!