Convert Notion Task List to Google Calendar Events

I’ve got a Task List on Notion with basic Information (Task name, Description, Importance, Due Date, Status, time consumption).

I want to create an event on my Google Calender based on those tasks, the task name should equal the Event name and the description the event description.
Zapier should somehow check the importance (not important / important / very important) and the due date of the task and choose which one has to be done first.
Based on this information Zapier should create events in Google Calendar, as long as there no other events schedueled for this time. The time consumption if the tasks should also be considered

As I am new to Zapier I hope I described everything so that you can understand. Also I am not sure if this is even possible, so I am happy to hear some better ideas from you!

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @AurelienW 


The only part that can be done is creating tasks in Google Calendar from Notion. The trigger will be 


Notion > New Database Item


And the action would be 


Google Calendar > Create Detailed Event


However, this will not check for your availability 

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Moh’s suggestion will work for new items in Notion. If you want to send the existing Notion items into calendar you can use Transfer. Notion is a transfer-ready app and you can set up a transfer at