Convert a CSV File to UTF-8

  • 28 January 2022
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Hi Guys, iam tryin to read an attached csv file with the Formatter of Zapier.

I got following Error: 

When i save the csv file as UTF-8 and send it again it works perfectly.


so it seems like as i have to convert the incoming csv file to utf-8. is there any way to automate this process?



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2 replies

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Hey @yasinyaso! :)

What format is the CSV file originally encoded as? I’m not sure what app is being used to generate the CSV file originally but are there any settings you can change in that app to ensure that the file is always generated in UTF-8 format?

Are you using the “Detect Automatically” option for the Type of CSV File field? If so, I wonder if it might be an issue with the auto-detection not working correctly. In which case selecting the correct type of file from the dropdown list of options for that field in the Zap may help to get the CSV file recognised. 

Aside from that, perhaps you could use a file conversion app, like CloudConvert for example, to change the format of the file before its imported by the Formatter step?

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Hey @SamB thanks for your Reply.


the File comes directly from my supplier, i have no possibility to change the process while creating the file… :(