Controlling product images from Google Drive to Shopify

  • 28 January 2022
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Hi Zapier community. 

I am trying to make some different Zapiers to automate our workflow. 


On our Google Drive we have a parent folder “Products” that contains many subfolders with each product. Each product folder only contains images. For instance:


→ “Blue poster”

→ “Red poster”

→ “Green poster”


Each subfolder contains all the product images for the specific product. 


I want a workflow that: 

  • New product in Shopify is created a folder in “Products” is created. Eg. “Yellow Poster” ✅
  • When new image files are added in the subfolders (eg. “Blue poster”) in Google Drive upload those to Shopify
    • I should be able to choose the order so every image that ends with _1 is the first product displayed in Shopify and _2 is the second image etc. 

How would I go about this and is it even possible? 

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2 replies

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Hi @j_sper 

Beware that you’d need 1 Zap per Folder:


Hey @Troy Tessalone ,


Thank you for replying. Does that means that I have to make a new zap for every new product? 


IF so how did you imagine the zaps to work?