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Control my orders in Zakeke so that it will not create unnecessary folders in Dropbox?

  • 20 August 2021
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Hi! The idea is to trigger Zakeke when there is a new order and upload it to dropbox to it’s specific folder.

Example: When there is a new order, Zakeke app will be triggered. Then, it will create a new folder in dropbox and will upload it to the respective folder. Let’s say, if there another new order coming in, it will skip the “create the folder” action and will proceed with the upload file since the date of creation is same. The next day, it will repeat the process.

So my workflow goes like this:

1.When there is a new order in Zakeke, it will be triggered

2.Then, it will procced to “Formatter by Zapier” to format the date of order to “DD-MM-YYYY”

3.After that, it will procced with the “Find folder” in Dropbox to find the folder based on the date that we formatted in step 2

4.Here we will be using “Path from Zapier”. In Path 1,when Step 3 did not find the folder(False), the action will be “create new folder’ named the formatted date of order in Step 2 and upload the file into that folder. In Path 2, when Step 3 found the folder(True) using the date of order creation, it will upload the file to its respective folder.

So, when there is an order from one person (Exp: Person X ordered 1 Shirt), the automation works well but when there are multiple orders from a customer at the same time I faced a problem(Exp: Person X ordered 1 Shirt, 2 cap, 1 keychain).The problem is when there are multiple orders in the same time and the folder is not found in Step 3(False), it will procced to Path 1 where each product will create a new folder and it will upload the file in each folder(Exp: Folder 1 named (18/8/2021),Folder 2 named (18/8/2021(1)),Folder 3 named (18/8/2021(2)) and each item order will be in each folder. So there will be total of 3 folders with the same date. The main problem is when I receive many orders at the same time.

But I wanted like this, it will create the folder and also upload the files into one specific folder. Is there any ways that we can control the incoming orders(Exp: Orders comes in every 1 minute, so that it can create the folder and it allows the others file to upload to the same folder) or are there any other ways?

Do you know a way around this?


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Hi @Alex_ekhlass 

Try using a Delay After Queue step: