Constant Contact Lead to Podio Find/Update or Create Item - avoiding duplicates

  • 15 June 2021
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Hi, im new to this community, i’m very glad to be here and learn some new great stuff! 

i have a question, i’m connecting Constant contact to podio, so when people fills the form on our website , zapier sends info to my Podio Account (i did the test and worked on 1st try) then i did a second test with same “lead” and a new item was created instead of overriding/updating the old one.  i need to know if some kind of double filtering can be used:
a new lead comes in --> check Email & name --> if it matches then updates old contact, →
if it doesnt, → then it creates a new item


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5 replies

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Hi @LatinxTelecom 

The Podio Zap app integrations offers this search action: Find Item


You may have to use Paths:

If Item Found = TRUE, then Update Item

If Item Found = FALSE, then Create Item


hi, thanks.  

well i tried this option just now, but i’m having an issue, i need to check email field , because name / phone is entered different  by same customer sometimes (888-555-5555 / (888)555-555 / +18885555555) 

but when trying to compare mails (“search item”: email on podio is equal to “email” entered on Contant Contact → True  (this option should update item on podio, im still getting duplicates)

i got this error message: 
The app returned "Invalid value "xxxxxxxxxxx" (string): must be array".


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You can use a Formatter > Numbers > Format Phone Number step to standardize the phone number format before doing a search in Podio.

All number transformations

Learn more about number transformations.

thanks, it is an option that i did not know

but in this particular zap, i would need to format old phone numbers on podio as well to compare them with new  formated entries (as old phone numbers are not formated at all comparison won’t work with those old leads) 
mail should be our weapon of choice in this case as they are formated already by default,

my question would be, why im I getting that array error when trying to compare email slots? 
it should be an easy path: 

new item added in Constant contact → path “Find Item” → Email address → 
if item found → then update client information 
if item Not found → create new item 

many many thanks. 

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Please post a screenshot of the error and how your Zap step is configured, thanks.