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Connectwise Manage Update trigger - what is classified as an update?

  • 13 February 2023
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How can I found out the list of actions inside CW Manage that are defined as a ticket being “Updated”?


We are trialing Zapier to create a one-way sync of new tickets in what we are caling New Manage, from another Instance of CW Manage (Old Manage)


We have the ticket creation going great!


But we need to update the statuses i.e. when a ticket is Closed in Old Manage, to also update the status in New Manage.


I am using the “New/Updated Ticket in ConnectWise Manage Zap” but I cannot figure out what the definition of “Updated” is, and the Zap never triggers! I have tried changing the status, editing type/subtype/item, updating resources and changing the summary line but nothing makes it run.




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Welcome to the Community, @sam_nz! 👋

We don’t have a list of specific changes that would result in the Zap triggering for an update. But I would have thought that changing the status of a ticket would cause it to trigger the Zap. I wonder if something’s happened to the connection between the Zap and ConnectWise here. 

Can you try turning the Zap off and on again to refresh the connection between ConnectWise Manage and the Zap? Then try making a change to the status of a ticket to see if that gets the Zap triggering? Please let us know whether that does the trick! 

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Got it thanks - just created an entirely new Zap and it worked on all updates. Thank you!